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Cuticle and Nail Oil

Cuticle and Nail Oil

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Revitalize Your Nails with Bee Naturals Cuticle and Nail Oil – Infused with Castor, Rice Bran, Sunflower, and Grapeseed Oils"essential oils.

Transform your nail care routine with Bee Naturals Cuticle and Nail Oil, a luxurious blend of natural oils designed to nourish and rejuvenate your nails and cuticles. Our unique formula harnesses the power of premium ingredients like Castor oil, Rice bran oil, Sunflower oil, and Grapeseed oil to provide unparalleled benefits for your nails.

🌿 Ingredients:

  • 🌰 Castor Oil
  • 🌾 Rice Bran Oil
  • 🌻 Sunflower Oil
  • 🍇 Grapeseed Oil
  • And More!
Elevate your nail care routine with Bee Naturals Cuticle and Nail Oil –
where the power of nature meets the beauty of your nails. 
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Direction for use

Apply small amount of oil and massage into nails and cuticles daily.

Product Size & Weight

0.5 oz


Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up-to-date list of ingredients.

Olive oil, Rice bran oil, Sunflower oil, avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, Apricot oil, Castor oil, organic lemon essential oil, organic orange essential oil, lavender essential oil, d-alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin E oil), rosemary essential oil, tea tree oil

Features & Benefits

Key Features:

  1. 🌿 Castor Oil Magic: Our cuticle and nail oil is enriched with Castor oil, known for its deep moisturizing properties. Say goodbye to dry and brittle nails as this powerful ingredient works to strengthen and hydrate.
  2. 🌾 Rice Bran Elixir: Rice bran oil, a secret beauty weapon, is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It promotes healthy nail growth and helps combat signs of aging, leaving your nails looking radiant and youthful.
  3. 🌻 Sunflower Shine: Experience the natural luster with Sunflower oil, which adds a brilliant shine to your nails. This lightweight oil nourishes without leaving a greasy residue, making it perfect for everyday use.
  4. 🍇 Grapeseed Goodness: Grapeseed oil is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E, promoting elasticity and preventing breakage. Revel in the antioxidant-rich benefits of Grapeseed oil for stronger, healthier nails.

🌟 Benefits You'll Love:

  • ✔️ Intensive Hydration: Bid farewell to dry, cracked cuticles with our deeply moisturizing formula.
  • ✔️ Strengthens Nails: Fortify your nails, reducing brittleness and promoting resilience.
  • ✔️ Nourishes and Protects: Experience the natural goodness of premium oils that nourish and protect your nails.
  • ✔️ Radiant Shine: Achieve a natural, healthy sheen that enhances the beauty of your nails.
  • ✔️ Fast Absorption: Enjoy quick absorption without a greasy feel, perfect for on-the-go nail care.

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