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Solar Perfuming Intentions

Solar Perfuming Intentions

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When light, joy, and happiness are in short supply, reach for a mist of Solar.  Composed by aroma artist, Shevah Pinkus, to conjure courage during bleak moments and strengthen self-confidence that YOU GOT THIS!

Based on the qualities within the crystal citrine, calcite, and yellow jasper this delightful perfume brings balance to the solar plexus chakra.

Scent Family:

Sweet Citrus Floral

Featured Aromatic Notes:

Top: grapefruit, lemon verbena, pine

Heart: clary sage, laurel, cape chamomile

Base: vanilla, vetiver, copaiba

This all-natural perfume was formulated by Shevah Pinkus of Perfuming Intentions.

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This 15-20% strength blend is composed of powerful plant oils.  Caution should be used with pregnant women, children, pets, people with heart conditions, epilepsy, asthma, or currently on homeopathic medication. If you have skin sensitivity, injuries, infections, conditions, or allergies, consult your doctor before using or do a small patch test. Not to be taken internally.  Spray upon a cotton wick felt or lava beads to experience the benefit without applying it to the skin.

Direction for use

Spray upon pulse points and a tiny dab just above the navel to restore or maintain balance to the solar plexus chakra.

While applying repeat this Solar Plexus Affirmation:

I am strong, able, confident, and trusting of what lies ahead.  I got this!

I face the unknown with courage and conviction!

Product Size & Weight

Weight: 0.19 oz (10mL)


Please be aware that ingredients may slightly vary from time to time due to the availability and natural fluctuations in raw materials due to weather, harvesting, processing, or supply conditions.  We are especially cognizant to support fair trade and environmentally sustainable practices.  All measures will be taken to ensure standardized stability.  However, unlike lab-made aroma chemicals, naturals are predictable as Mother Nature.

A complex blend of all-natural essential oils, plant waxes, absolutes, tinctures, and extracts in corn-derived ethyl alcohol.  No toxic additives, eco-friendly, paraben, and phthalate free.

Aromatic NotesTop: grapefruit, lemon verbena, pineHeart:  clary sage, laurel, cape chamomileBase: vanilla, vetiver, copaiba

Features & Benefits

Of the perfume formulation:

Each note was deliberately added to this formulation because it brings a particular energy, vibrational frequency, and attributes.  The formulation brings the imbalances of this chakra to the forefront to heal and fortifies the attributes within this energy center that are already serving your highest good.

What sets this aroma apart from simple aromatherapy blends is Shevah uses her decades of botanical wisdom and aroma therapy knowledge and brings this intention to the artisanal perfumery process and practice.

This formulation is composed to have a profound balance between top, heart, and base notes, for silage, brightness, harmony, and longevity.  One can truly distinguish the fascinating transformation that occurs during the first 30 minutes of application.  Every five minutes a new note will emerge to take a bow and then step back into the choir.

As with any natural blend, it will dissipate after about 2 hours, like the enjoyment of a delectable meal, a gorgeous sunset, or the sighting of an exotic animal, nature longs to be impermanent and free.

Solar Perfume Narrative:

Don’t be fooled by the sunny, upbeat grapefruit greeting at the welcome of this sunshine blend.  Those who have had to learn the most about assertiveness and bravery are as kind and sweet as they come.

This is seen in the bright lemon verbena start and honey-vanilla dry down. Yet peering deeper into this solar blend one can see the Laurels in this blend never rest. It wills itself towards assertive action and is only satisfied with the acts of courage by gently introducing tart, woody notes of pine, juniper, and even vetiver notes.

Trusting one's gut that the florals of clary sage and chamomile, as well as the cardamom and copaiba notes, will digest each edge and bring it into empowered harmony

Of the Energetic and Emotional features :

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

This Third Chakra identifies with the color, yellow and is the location of personal power and vitality just above the navel.

It is all about the will and motivation to set our intentions and desires.

When the power chakra is balanced, one achieves goals, is self-confident, and feels courageous to take action and trust the unknown path.

It is associated with:

Inner strength, healthy self-esteem, emotional regulation, setting healthy limits with time, energy, or interactions, trusting our instincts, and “gut” feelings.